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…From record months in sales to record months in bills, sometimes it can feel like it’s $1 in $2 out. But we can help you.

Having recently been featured in Australia’s 50 Unsung Business Heroes book, we know what it’s like to build a business from nothing and have to fight tooth and nail to keep your dream alive and come out on top.

We want to share our success strategies with you, and help your business to stop bleeding money and start putting more profits on your balance sheet.

That’s why we created out FREE Small Business Tax Checklist.

It will help you reduce your tax by giving you a better understanding of your legal obligations along with the best tips to look out for.

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    Get Money Back in Your Pocket

    Start putting money back in your pocket with our time tested, accountant approved tips

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    Save on taxation

    By using our 10 top tips to avoid the tax man and to save on your taxation.

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    Cover your bases

    Ensure your business is compliant while savings valuable dollars on tax.


“She has operated from a point of financial pain and she knows what it’s like to operate there and looks for that in her clients. She can see if are they suffering financial stress right now when they shouldn’t be and knows how to fix it.”Wally Sallinger, Accelerated Results Coach, The Alpha Potential
“Catherine is on the ball. In the initial phone call we had her knowledge was demonstrated quickly and efficiently. She’s very decisive, confident in giving advice and we had a clear plan of action from the first meeting.” Ian Aldridge, Director, Progressive Legal