Financial Year Kick Start

Kick Start the Financial Year

Kick Start the Financial Year

Do you remember where you were 12 months ago?

More importantly, do you remember where your business was 12 months ago?

It’s the end of the financial year and it’s time to reflect.

Has it been a good 12-months? Or, does this EOFY feel like Groundhog Day… again?

Today, you have the chance to make a decision about the next chapter in your business….

Last year, we launched a targeted growth program for small businesses.

It was a HUGE risk. We didn’t know whether the money and time we dedicated to the education and implementation of our new system would bring results (or whether it would make any money). It was unlike anything that we’d ever done before.

We formed alliances with business partners who were successful in their specialist fields. We learned from the best, whilst sticking to what we do best; helping small businesses restructure and grow.

And here’s what we learnt….

  • Every business is in a state of STUCK (there’s always something new to learn)
  • Companies that grow quickly do so by learning from others (they avoid the common mistakes)
  • Smart operators are humble and accept that even super-stars need advice (even the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank has a coach)

Importantly, they don’t follow the herd.

They look to people and organisations that are not just thriving but changing the world around them.

So, once again, how far have you come in the last 12 months? What’s holding you back?

We decided to provide you with a doorway to join us on a path of growth for FY16. To help you take the first step, we are offering a business review and analysis that will save you thousands.

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