Pink Dollar: Money That Goes Around Fast

Pink Dollar

Last night I raked a client over coals. We have a very robust relationship, and I really value his ability to talk to me about anything. But it was still pretty harsh when I think about it now.

Pink dollar

A few weeks ago, he casually mentioned a networking event called “Fruits in Suits.” He told me it would be a predominantly gay event with a focus on meeting new people.  I went along not knowing what to expect. I was somewhat excited as Cruise Bar on Circular Quay was an old Salsa dancing hot spot of mine.

Exposure To The Pink Dollar

For the first time in my life I was exposed to the subsection of the population with an extremely high disposable income: The Pink Dollar. I’m a bit of a financial Whizz yet had never come across the term the Pink Dollar. How was it possible that anything in finance was new to me?

We all were made to feel extraordinarily welcome; within minutes I was totally comfortable left to my own devices.  Highly educated, smart, socially astute: the professional crowd quickly connected with me and my friend. Creative people, hardworking tradies, and professionals in, yep you guessed it, suits. A well-dressed crowd. Very well-dressed. It was easy to see how the pink dollar was spent!

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In talking with various people over the course of the night I was aware that I could help many of the people in the room. My role as a Crisis Accountant, providing the emergency help to keep profits in torn hip pockets, bruised wallets and bank accounts instantly resonated with my audience.

Every single person whom I listened to was set to benefit from additional funds retained within their businesses or personal finances.  Some of the personal stories that I heard were heartbreaking to say the least.  People who worked hard, were astonishingly successful, and some who were struggling to make ends meet. All connected to the message of having an accountant who was engaged in their life and understood the pain that financial pressures can bring.

Although I can’t give precise figures yet, each person I spoke to can have their tax liability reduced by up to 62%* through restructuring their businesses and finances. This means that anyone with a tax liability of $15,000, saves up to $5000 of the total payable.

So we got towards the end of the night and headed downstairs. I still could not believe how many people I can help in this group.  I am grateful to be able to change peoples’ financial circumstances.

It was then that I chided my friend, reproaching him for not having introduced me to these amazing people years ago. As a sign of how robust relationship is, he said, “I’ll cop that one on the chin, my bad…” and asked if I was having another CabSav….

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PS This has to be done within 14 days due to End of Financial Year.

* PPS in the past 6 months clients have saved from 33 – 62% through a thorough review of their business and personal taxation. To give you your exact numbers we are happy to start with a free 30 minute review.